ICC Rules slow over rate Penalty on Bangladesh in Asia Cup 2022 ICC Rules

ICC Rules slow over rate Penalty on Bangladesh in Asia Cup 2022 ICC Rules

Image Source : PTI
Bangladesh Cricket Team


  • Bangladesh becomes first team to be out of Asia Cup 2022
  • Sri Lanka enter Super 4 after defeating Bangladesh by 2 wickets
  • Knockout match between Pakistan and Hong Kong will be held today

ICC Rules Asia Cup 2022: The league matches of the Asia Cup 2022 are now nearing completion and after that the Super 4 matches will start from Saturday. Meanwhile, Bangladesh has become the first team to be out of the Asia Cup this season. Today i.e. on Friday, another team will be out, because the match between Pakistan and Hong Kong is also a knockout, whichever team loses will go out and the winning team will go ahead. Meanwhile, the reason for the defeat of Bangladesh’s team was their captain Shakib Al Hasan, the mistake that was made by the captains of India and Pakistan, Shakib Al Hasan also made the same mistake, which he had to bear in the form of defeat.

What is ICC’s slowover rate rule

In fact, the ICC has a strict rule that if any team does not complete its overs within the stipulated time, then there is a penalty of slow over rate. Which teams of India and Pakistan have faced before and now it was Bangladesh’s turn. Any team gets 85 minutes to complete its 20 overs. If this is not possible, then according to the ICC rules, in the last few overs, the captain can keep only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle. In the match played on Thursday, Bangladesh’s team was trailing by two overs, so in the last over, five fielders had to be kept inside the circle of 30 yards instead of four. Within a five-fielder circle, one bowler and one wicket-keeper, that is, the total number of players within 30 yards is seven. Now only four fielders could field around the boundary.

Srilanka vs Bangladesh in Asia Cup 2022

Image Source : PTI

Srilanka vs Bangladesh in Asia Cup 2022

Sri Lanka won with four balls to spare
Sri Lanka needed eight runs in the last over. Mahesh Tikshan was at the crease and the ball was handed over by captain Shakib Al Hasan to Mahendi Hasan. Teekshana took a run on the very first ball and now Fernando came to the crease, he took advantage of the fielding and hit a boundary. After this the third ball became a no ball and on this the Sri Lankan batsmen took two runs and got one run of the no ball, that is, three runs were scored. Sri Lanka needed just this number of runs, which they won the match with four balls remaining and entered the Super 4.

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