IND vs AUS So thats why Team India lost giving Rohit Sharma luck toss IND vs AUS

IND vs AUS So thats why Team India lost giving Rohit Sharma luck toss IND vs AUS

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Rohit Sharma


  • Team India lost the first T20 match played between India and Australia
  • Even after scoring more than 200, the team lost by four wickets
  • The remaining two matches of the series will be played on September 23 and September 25.

IND vs AUS 1st T20I Rohit Sharma: The three T20 match series between India and Australia has started. The Indian team has lost the first match of the series and is also lagging behind in the series. Although there are still two more matches left, by winning which the Indian team can still capture the series, but the way the Indian team has performed in the first match, it does not seem that this team will be able to come back. Under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, the Indian team has lost again. Although many reasons for the defeat of Team India are being counted and told, but the main reason for the defeat of the Indian team is the luck of Rohit Sharma. Before the start of the match, Rohit Sharma’s luck is not supporting, so defeat after defeat, losing continuously, now you must be thinking that what is the reason for that. So let us tell you that important reason of defeat and with example.

Surya Kumar Yadav

Image Source : PTI

Surya Kumar Yadav

Captain Rohit Sharma lost the toss in India vs Australia first T20 match

In fact, in the match played against Australia, captain Rohit Sharma lost the toss. If you look at the last few matches, then you will find that Rohit Sharma is not proving lucky in the matter of toss. If they field against an equal team, then the toss becomes very important, it is another matter that if the weaker team is in front then the toss is not so important. In this match too, captain Rohit Sharma lost the toss to Aaron Finch and the team had to bat first. Although India had scored a good score, but the team’s bowling was again betrayed. India had scored 208 runs, which is enough, but the bowlers could not do their job again in the way they should have. Now go back a little bit. In the Asia Cup 2022, when the Indian team took to the field to play the match against Pakistan in Super 4, there also captain Rohit Sharma lost the toss to Pakistani captain Babar Azam and India had to bat first here too. India had scored 181 runs in this match too, but the bowling did not work here either. After this, India’s next match was against Sri Lanka in Super 4 itself. Here too Rohit Sharma lost the toss to Dasun Shanaka and India batted first. In this match, the Indian team had scored 173 runs, but lost the match.

Team India

Image Source : PTI

Team India

Captain Rohit Sharma won the toss in the match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022
Now just remember that match, when there was a match between India and Pakistan in the league stage of Asia Cup 2022 itself. In this match, captain Rohit Sharma won the toss and India bowled first. Batting first, the Pakistani team could only manage 147 runs and India won the match easily chasing runs by five wickets. Now let’s go back a bit. Remember T20 World Cup 2022. In this also India’s first match was with Pakistan. Rohit Sharma was not the captain in this match, but Virat Kohli was captaining. Virat Kohli lost the toss to Babar Azam in this match and India had to bat first. The Indian team could score 151 runs for seven wickets and Pakistan chased down the runs and defeated Team India by ten wickets. Something similar happened in the second match, when the match was held between India and New Zealand. This time also Virat Kohli loses the toss, batting first, the Indian team scores 110 runs and the New Zealand team wins the match by scoring these runs for two wickets.

Team India is not able to defend any score
The biggest weakness of Team India is that it is not able to defend its given total. Even if this score is beyond 200. Yes, it is often seen that whenever the Indian team bowls first, it does not allow the opposing team to score more runs and then chases it easily. However, no one has a bus in the toss. All this is a game of luck. Anyway, the team chasing runs in T20 is more advantageous, has a target in front of it and the team moves forward accordingly. The day Team India will be able to save the given target, on the same day the Indian team will be back on the track of victory. The toss is important, but not so much that you lose the match after losing the toss.

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