India vs Pakistan match in Asia Cup 2022 the two sides clashed in Britain see VIDEO

india vs pakistan asia cup super 4 match record viewers IND vs PAK

Image Source : AP
IND vs PAK Match in Asia Cup 2022


  • India vs Pakistan first match was played on 28 August in Asia Cup 2022
  • In Super 4, the match between India and Pakistan was held again on September 4.
  • Fans of India and Pakistan came on the streets in Leicester city of England

Aisa Cup 2022 IND vs PAK Britain clashed: The time has passed since the Asia Cup 2022 ended. Sri Lanka has won this year’s Asia Cup. Teams have now started preparing for the next series, but in the Asia Cup 2022, the match was played between India and Pakistan at the Dubai International Stadium. After this the two sides came face to face in Britain. This dispute is not yet settled. Cricket fans from India and Pakistan took to the streets, which the police had to use mild force to pacify. Some reports also came in such a way that the crowd had gone quite violent. The police are appealing to the people not to participate in such demonstrations.

Violence erupted again on Saturday and Sunday

UK police have appealed for calm as fans clashed in the city of Leicester in eastern England in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday following an India vs Pakistan match in the Asia Cup 2022 in late August. Reports on social media claimed that a protest escalated this weekend. In the video footage, police can be seen trying to stop two groups of mobs, while glass bottles were thrown and some people could be seen with sticks and sticks. “We have received several reports of chaos in parts of the East Leicester area of ​​the city,” Rob Nixon, temporary chief constable of Leicester Police, said in a Twitter video. He said that we sent officers there, we are controlling the situation, additional officers are also reaching there. Please don’t get involved. We are calling for peace.

The people who were rioting were detained by the police
The local police force said that its officers have been authorized to stop and search people in an effort to reach there in large numbers and restore peace in the area. A large number of people were searched and two people are in custody. One is suspected of conspiracy to commit violent disorder and the other is suspected of possessing a blade-like object. Leicester Police said in a statement that several incidents of violence and damage had been reported to police and were being investigated. We are aware of a video circulating of a man pulling a flag outside a religious building on Melton Road in Leicester. The incident appears to have happened when the police officers were dealing with public disorder in the area. The incident will be investigated.

Police gave a strict message to the protesters
According to the statement, we continue to call for dialogue and peace with the support of local community leaders. We will not tolerate violence or disorder in our city. Police said an important police operation would continue in the area in the coming days. Police had given similar orders earlier this month due to unrest between local Hindu and Muslim groups in the wake of the match between India and Pakistan in Dubai on August 28. On Friday, Chief Constable Nixon said a total of 27 arrests had been made as part of a police operation in the East Leicester area.

(PTI inputs)

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