IPL 2023 Auction IPL players will be auctioned on this day know the date and vanue IPL 2023 Auction: IPL players will be auctioned on this day, know the date!

IPL 2023 Auction IPL players will be auctioned on this day know the date and vanue IPL 2023 Auction: IPL players will be auctioned on this day, know the date!

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IPL 2023 Auction


  • BCCI has started preparations for IPL 2023
  • The next season of IPL may start in the end of March.
  • This time again IPL will be played on home and away format

IPL 2023 Auction Date : The preparations for IPL 2023 are progressing very fast. New updates are constantly coming out from the BCCI. Meanwhile, cricket fans are waiting for the date on which players will be bidding for the IPL. It is being told that the auction for IPL 2023 can be held in mid-December, it is believed that this date can be 16 December. This time there will be a mini auction for IPL, not mega. The mega auction was held before IPL 2022, as two more new teams were entered this year. However, the date and venue have not yet been announced by the BCCI.

Gujarat Titans

Image Source : PTI

Gujarat Titans

IPL 2023 season may start from the end of March

The IPL 2023 season is expected to start from the end of March. Maybe it will start from the first week of March or April. Meanwhile, it has also become clear that IPL 16 will be held in India only. The report about this came out the previous day itself. A Cricbuzz report states that discussions have been held between the BCCI and the IPL franchises regarding the IPL mini auction, with the date of December 16 being agreed upon. However, it is not yet decided where the IPL mega auction will take place. Although the venue of mega auction has been Bangalore, but for some time it has happened in Kolkata as well. It is believed that one of these places will be fixed.

IPL Trophy

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IPL Trophy

Teams purse may increase before IPL 2023 auction
Meanwhile, there is also news that on the day of the auction, all the teams will have Rs 95 crore in their purse. Earlier, teams were buying players for Rs 85 crore, but in the mega auction held before IPL 2022, it was increased to Rs 90 crore. This time there is talk of increasing it even more by Rs 5 crore. If any of the ten teams release their old players, then the amount of the released player will also be added to the team’s purse.

Before the auction, the teams will release the list of their released players
Not only this, players will also be traded before the IPL auction. That is, if a team wants to exchange its players, then they can also do it. After the exchange, a list will be issued by the teams, in which it will be told which players they are releasing. Released players will have to re-appear in the auction ground and will be re-bid. That is, when Team India will be playing the T20 World Cup, at the same time the preparations for the next season of IPL will be seen increasing even more.

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