Roger Federer Last Match: This player will be his partner in Roger Federer’s last match, will play the last match in Laver Cup

Roger Federer Last Match: This player will be his partner in Roger Federer's last match, will play the last match in Laver Cup

Roger Federer in Laver Cup press conference


  • Roger Federer will play the last match of his career in Laver Cup
  • Federer will leave the court with a doubles match
  • Federer will retire from professional tennis after Laver Cup

Roger Federer Last Match: Considered the greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer’s final farewell from the professional tennis court is drawing near. This is an emotional moment for his crores of fans spread across the world. He will be seen playing on the court for the last time in the Laver Cup starting this week. Swiss tennis star Roger Federer spoke to the media ahead of the tournament starting on Friday.

Federer spoke to the media before the last tournament of his career

When Federer appeared in front of the media on Wednesday ahead of the Laver Cup, the last competitive tournament of his career, there was no sadness on his face, he was smiling and laughing at his own jokes. However, fans have seen the 41-year-old Hardil Aziz champion expressing his feelings during or after winning or losing his 20 Grand Slam titles. On some occasions he became so emotional that even his eyes twitched. But when he appeared in front of the media to answer questions related to his retirement, he looked normal and comfortable.

Federer appeals to celebrate his departure

Federer said in front of the media that he is feeling at peace after the decision to retire and he wants his departure from tennis to be like a celebration. “I don’t want to make it really sad,” he said. I really want to be happy and want the party atmosphere to prevail.

Talking to the media, he was wearing a blue blazer and his arms were folded till the elbows. Inside the blazer was a white polo shirt. Federer answered questions for about half an hour. He said, “I am a little nervous about playing because I haven’t played for so long.

After several knee surgeries, Federer announced on social media last week that he would retire after the Laver Cup. His management company hosts the Laver Cup starting on Friday. Team Europe will face Team World in the fifth stage of the Laver Cup.

Nadal could be Federer’s partner in the last match of his career

Federer’s main rivals in his career include Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Federer will end his career with a doubles match at the Laver Cup on Friday. His long-time rival Rafael Nadal could be his partner in this historic match.

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