Roger Federer On Life After Retirement Roger Federer Will Be Connected To Tennis Even After Retirement

Roger Federer On Life After Retirement Roger Federer Will Be Connected To Tennis Even After Retirement

Image Source : AP
Roger Federer


  • Tennis star Roger Federer has announced retirement from tennis
  • Roger Federer will play the Lever Cup in his last tournament
  • Roger Federer will again take to the court on Friday in the Liver Cup

Roger Federer On Life After Retirement : Swiss legend Roger Federer has said that he will continue to be associated with tennis even after retirement. On Wednesday, he told tennis fans around the world that I cannot get away from tennis. Roger Federer, who has turned 41, announced last Thursday that he would retire from the Grand Slam and ATP Tour after the Laver Cup to be held in London from September 23 to 25. The 20-time Grand Slam winner will only play one doubles match in London this time, but he was sure he will not leave the tennis world, although he has no specific plans yet, reports Xinhua news agency. Federer said that I just wanted to tell the fans that I will not walk away from tennis. Tennis has given me a lot. I’ve been around the game for a very long time. I love seeing people again. I wanted to let the fans know that you will see me again.

Roger Federer

Image Source : AP

Roger Federer

Roger Federer started his career in the year 1998

Roger Federer said that I do not know how and in what capacity I will return. I still have to think about it a bit. Federer began his professional career in 1998 at the age of 16 and won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 2003. Regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Federer said that I am most proud of my long career. Federer said that I was famous for being very uncertain early in my career. And I might not have been so consistent. He went on to say that and then becoming one of the greatest players is a surprise for me as well. This has been a great achievement for me personally.

Roger Federer to play Liver Cup on Friday
Meanwhile, Roger Federer was smiling and laughing at his own jokes when he spoke to the media on Wednesday ahead of the Lever Cup, the final tournament of his career. Federer will end his career in a doubles match at the Lever Cup on Friday in which his teammate could be his long-time rival Rafael Nadal. Federer said he is feeling at peace after the decision to retire and wants his departure from tennis to be a celebration. The Liver Cup is organized by their management team which will start on Friday. This will be the fifth stage in which Team Europe will face Team World. Federer’s main rivals in his career Nadal Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray will also take part. In a career that started in 1990, this player has won 20 Grand Slam championships and 83 titles in other tournaments till 2020.

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