Data has been deleted suddenly, do not report, recover with the help of these software

Data has been deleted suddenly, do not report, recover with the help of these software


Sometimes data, photos, videos get deleted from the system. The reason for this can be the corruption of the files or the virus.
Data can be recovered easily. There are many software available to recover data.
Both free and paid versions of these software can be used. It is very easy to use them.

New Delhi: Sometimes it happens to all of us that any of our files, folders, images, videos or any other important data suddenly gets deleted. Most of these cases are due to hardware failure, but sometimes due to our mistake, important data gets deleted.

There are other reasons for data deletion such as software getting corrupted, data theft, virus coming etc. Ever wondered how do you get this data back? Although it is not very easy to get this data back, but with the help of some application software, we can make it possible, so let us tell you with which software you can recover deleted data.

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    Recuva is one of the best recovery software. It is an easy to use software, which has many advanced option tools. With the help of this software, Coma can recover data from any hard drive from external drives such as USB drives, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and memory cards. With the help of this software, we can recover all the files that have been deleted from the window. It supports all versions of windows. It is completely available for free and its free version can be downloaded from its official website ccleaner.

    1. EaseUs

EaseUS is also a good software for data recovery. With the help of software, we can get back our lost data in a very short time. It is very popular among people and a special reason for its popularity is that it looks like Windows Explorer. Because of this, it becomes familiar to many people and they can use it comfortably.

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  • In its free version, you can recover only up to 500 MB of data, for more you will have to pay to upgrade it. It works on Windows as well as Mac operating. You can download its free version from its official website.
    1. iBeesoft
    2. iBeesoft is also a recovery software like other software. What makes it different is its simple user interface. It supports almost all computer formats and with its help you can now recover lost data of hard drive, camera, memory card things. You can use this software absolutely free. But its limit is only up to 2GB, for more than that you will need a paid version. You can use this software on any system from Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone.

      1. Steller
      2. Or there is a free recovery software, in which you can recover up to 1GB of data for free. What makes this software special is its preview option. We can see our files only while scanning and can also restore only those files which are of our use. It comes for Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download its free version from its official website.

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