Google Assistant replaces What’s on my screen feature, Android users will get shortcut button

Google Assistant replaces What's on my screen feature, Android users will get shortcut button


Google Assistant has replaced the What’s on my screen feature.
Pixel users are calling it ‘Search this screen’.
This will give you access to features like translate, read, search, and dining filters.

New Delhi. What’s on my screen to Google Assistant? Button has been replaced. It has now been replaced by a Lens-branded shortcut button, which some Pixel users are calling ‘Search this screen’. The lens button is not visible every time as compared to the ‘What’s on my screen’ button.

A Reddit user said that they have added a lens button to the screen assistant pop up without what’s on my screen ending and Google’s explanation, but it is not available everywhere. It has been added on the basis of context. It is visible in Chrome and Twitter (with Read), but is not present in third-party apps.

No need to go to screenshotting
According to 9to5Google, it will capture the current screen by tapping and give you access to Translate, Read, Search, Homework, Shopping, Location and Dining filters. The Search this screen button opens the lens and gives you all the lens options. So you will no longer need to go through the workarounds of screenshotting and lens-ing.

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Rollout will happen soon for all
It is worth mentioning that the new lens screen search button has not been rolled out to everyone, rather it has been seen in build Google may soon roll it out to all Android users to promote the use of Lens.

Pixel phone users experienced
If you have a phone like Pixel 6a or Pixel 6, then you must have already experienced it. Even if you haven’t seen the new button yet, just open your recent overview and look for the Select option in the bottom right. This will allow you to copy the text currently on your screen. This service is available in Google Photos, Recent screen on Pixel phones as well as Google Assistant.

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