Learn how to edit, delete and restore Facebook posts the easy way

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Many times you put the wrong caption or photo while posting on Facebook.
It can be improved by editing this type of post.
You can also delete these posts and restore your posts.

New Delhi. Facebook is one of the most liked social media platform. People use it to stay connected with their friends and family, but many times while posting you put wrong caption or photo, due to which Facebook can take action on your post or account. Recently Facebook has taken action against 25 million posts. However, Facebook’s action can easily be avoided.

Actually, this platform owned by Meta allows users to edit and delete their posts. Not only this, if a post has been accidentally deleted from users, then they can also restore it with great ease, so let us tell you how you can edit, delete or restore your post on Facebook.

how to edit facebook post
If you want to edit your post on Facebook, then first click on the three dots on the right side of the post. After this click on the option of Edit Post. Correct your post here and then save it.

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how to delete facebook post
If you have shared a wrong post on Facebook and you want to delete it, then first click on Move to Trash option at the bottom of the post and then click on Move. It is worth noting that before deleting the post, it has to be sent to the Trash section. Now the post from here will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

how to restore facebook post
If you want to recover your post on Facebook, then first go to the Trash section. For this, you have to click on the personal icon given at the top right side of the Facebook feed. After that go to Settings and Privacy. Here click on Activity log. After that go to the column coming on the left side and scroll down and come down. Here select the Trash option. After that look for the post you want to restore. After this, tick the checkbox in front of the post and then click on Restore.

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